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Portable AC & Refrigeration Rentals in the Houston Area

When your cooling equipment fails, or you find yourself ill-equipped to provide cooling at an event, finding the right solution can be a major headache. Texas heat isn’t going to wait around, and within minutes you can find yourself—and your employees and clients—in dire need of relief. If this is your situation, you can stop stressing! HVAC & Electrical Systems offers an easy, flexible solution with our portable AC and refrigeration system rentals.

Looking for portable or emergency AC systems for your commercial business, event, or restaurant in Houston, TX? Call 281-830-6997 to speak to our portable cooling team!

Portable Cooling Equipment in Houston, TX

At HVAC & Electrical Systems, we understand that when a business or event is lacking comfortable cooling things can get rough in no time. That’s why we offer a wide range of powerful, efficient portable AC units to Houston clients. Our systems are available in three to 10 tons cooling capacity—making them capable of easily handling the comfort needs of a business of any size, from local restaurants to hospitals, hospitality centers, and even manufacturing facilities.

We make the entire process easy and stress-free, offering same-day set up and installs no matter where you need cooling power. Together with HVAC & Electrical Systems you can ensure your business is safety compliant, comfortable, and productive until your standard systems can be replaced or repaired. We even have a 20kW / 25kVa trailer mounted diesel generator that can run our portable A/C units or your other remote power needs if you have no electricity on site!

Contact HVAC & Electrical Systems when you need portable AC systems in Houston, TX for:

  • Emergency commercial AC solutions
  • Cooling event tents and temporary structures
  • A comfortable area for workers

Call 281-830-6997 to learn more about portable or emergency AC rentals for your commercial business, event, or restaurant in Houston, TX.

No Room for Portable Cooling Systems? HVAC & Electrical Systems Is Equipped to Install Portable Units on Your Roof!

Not everyone has a lot of space to place a multi-ton cooling system, we know. That’s why HVAC & Electrical Systems offers rooftop installs and rentals. With our crane and trucks, we can have your system hoisted, set up, and integrated with your existing ductwork to supply effective cooling for as long as it is needed. No space wasted, and no compromise on the comfort levels of your business.

Don’t let space be a deciding factor in your comfort! Call HVAC & Electrical Systems for rooftop portable AC rentals.

Portable Refrigeration Systems for Commercial Businesses in Houston

If the walk-in cooler in your restaurant or pizzeria fails it can mean lost food, supplies, and productivity. HVAC & Electrical Systems has a solution, and one that can save you tons! We feature a portable, truck-mounted walk-in cooler that is available any time for your needs. Next time your refrigeration systems fail, don’t consign yourself to loss—just call HVAC & Electrical Systems and we’ll be loaded up with your portable refrigeration system and on the way to help in no time.

Need a mobile walk-in cooler while your commercial refrigeration system is being repaired? HVAC & Electrical Systems has the solution you need.

Call Us Today for Service:281-830-6997
Call Us Today for Service:281-830-6997

Portable AC & Refrigeration Rentals in Northwest Houston

Whether your restaurant in Harris County has a cooling crisis or your event planned in Montgomery County needs a way to keep comfortable, HVAC & Electrical Systems can provide the AC power and support you need.

Contact us online for portable rooftop AC service or portable AC rental options for events in Houston!

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