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Trane Commercial HVAC Services in Houston, TX

Trane air conditioning and heating systems have been serving the comfort and climate needs of commercial clients for more than a century. Through a dedication to innovative design, a drive to always excel, and a focus on consumer satisfaction and product value, the brand has long since become known as a name to trust for quality commercial HVAC.

Call Us Today for Service:281-830-6997
Call Us Today for Service:281-830-6997

At HVAC & Electrical Systems, our focus is always on offering our clients the best. Whether we’re installing a new cooling system in a local Houston metro business or replacing parts on an older model, Trane has been a name we can count on all along. When you’re looking for Trane HVAC products and services in the Houston area, call HVAC & Electrical Systems!

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The Trane Design Difference

In an industry that always seeks to grow and evolve, Trane has differentiated itself by placing a firm focus on reliability, value, and superior performance. When choosing Trane cooling systems or heating units, products come in a very wide range of sizes, types, and configurations, each of which is well-suited to meeting the individual needs of particular clients.

Whether you own or operate a retail store, a local restaurant, or an office in Houston, Trane HVAC systems are the ideal choice for new AC installation and furnace replacement.

Benefits of Installing Trane HVAC & Electrical Systems

When choosing Trane products, you’re choosing more than just a reliable heating or cooling unit. Trane products offered by HVAC & Electrical Systems come with a variety of substantial benefits for your business or home, including:

  • Durable HVAC products. While Trane systems aren’t literally “built like they used to,” they perform much in the way the phrase implies. Trane systems are constructed to be tough and powerful for years, even decades—they’re the ideal choice for high-demand locations like southeast Texas!
  • High performance and efficiency. With leading technologies like Trane’s CoolSense™ and EarthWise™, their AC and heating systems offer not only the best in power and efficacy, but also in energy efficiency.
  • Competitive warranties. Air conditioning and heating systems are a necessity in Texas, but they’re also a considerable investment. Trane warranties are some of the best in the industry, often remaining in effect for 10 years or more, giving you peace of mind when you make your purchase.
  • Sustainable HVAC. As a business, Trane understands the challenges of excessive energy waste and consumption. Their developed technologies address these issues through superior design and low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants, allowing Trane systems deliver the power and comfort you need while lessening negative impacts on our environment.

Trane AC Systems & Heating Units in Houston, TX

Whether you’re looking for standard forced-air cooling and heating, a variable speed unit, ductless equipment, or a packaged rooftop unit, Trane products have you completely covered. At HVAC & Electrical Systems, we have always placed our full attention on bringing the best to our clients, and so we have mastered all Trane systems in order to provide precision installation, replacement, and repair services.

Ready to install a Trane heating or cooling system in Houston, Sugar Land, or Katy? Contact HVAC & Electrical Systems online today to get started!

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